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heavy lifting

We secure it in our
storage facility

We bring it back whenever
you want

Box Storage Facility

  • On Demand box storage space
  • Secure and isolated units for your stock
  • Pickup and deliver it to your place

Your business needs storage space for expansion, to handle seasonal demands or reserve stock, We are proud to provide our Business storage solution for your stock. We understand that storage space is critical when it comes to your business. Our on-demand Box storage provides assured storage space and delivery on demand.

Document Storage Facility

  • Are you looking for secure storage for your business documents?
  • Are you looking for secure storage for your archives?
  • Are you looking for secure storage for your tax records or legal files?

Document storage service has enabled over 100 companies to effectively realise the benefits of offsite storage. Whether you are looking to store your archives off-site, need a safe space for confidential documentation or wish to securely store your digital storage devices.

Warehouse Storage Facility

  • On Demand warehouse space
  • Short term warehouse rental
  • Expand and Shrink based on your needs

Growing Business needs flexible warehouse storage space and without long term locking commitments. That’s where our on demand warehouse storage can help rent warehouse storage and increase or decrease space, based on your needs.

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